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Is It A Good Idea To Become An Automotive Technician?

Before getting into the technical terms, let’s begin by understanding the difference between automotive and automobile. We often get confused between these two terms, right? Let’s clear it out through this article.

Automotive refers to a four-wheeled motor vehicle designed to carry passengers from one place to another, and Automobile means motor vehicles. In a nutshell, the Automotive industry revolves around automobiles.

An Overview of the Automotive Industry

India has the fourth largest automotive market in the world. The automotive industry comprises many companies and organisations involved in automobile design, development, manufacturing, marketing, and selling. It is one of the world’s most profitable industries and spends the most on research and development.

Career Opportunities in Automotive Industry

  • Auto Technician
  • Auto Mechanic
  • Auto instructor
  • Car rental agent
  • Tire technician
  • Car detailer
  • Vehicle Inspector
  • Auto body repair technician
  • Auto Electrician
  • Auto engineer
  • Car salesperson
  • Auto sales manager
  • Tow truck driver
  • Process Engineer
  • Quality testing engineer
  • Auto designer
  • Auto BD Specialist
  • Quality Testing Engineer

How to Make a Career in Automotive Industry?

To make a successful career in the automotive industry, a candidate must hold a bachelor’s degree or a diploma in Mechanical Engineering in the automotive segment.

There are many latest and upcoming automotive courses in India. CEDP is one of the leading skill institutes that offers certification and diploma courses in Automobile Technology with expertise, focusing mainly on automotive vehicles and parts with hands-on experience, on-job training and study tours.

Auto Technician vs Auto Mechanic

Auto Technician and Auto Mechanic are usually used interchangeably. An Auto Mechanic is a person who uses a trial and error method to solve the problems of the motor vehicle without using any technical process or technique. While an Auto Technician is a technical wizard who uses computers and technology to perform the diagnosis on the car or truck. This article will provide an in-depth look at the world of auto technicians.

Automotive Technician as a Career Profession

People who are passionate about cars and love to repair with mechanical aptitude have a high chance of becoming and choosing an Automotive Technician as a career.

Reasons to select automotive technician as a career are as follows:

Job Stability:

Demand for automotive technicians is never-ending. Four-wheeler vehicles will always be in demand, and automotive technicians will always be there to repair and maintain them. As a result, it creates job stability in the automobile industry.

Valuable Knowledge:

An automotive technician have a lot of knowledge, skills and experience about motor vehicles that they can apply to their car and even projects around their vicinity, which, in turn, can help them save a significant amount of money on a car, truck repair and maintenance is expensive and a challenging job too.

Social Interaction:

Many firms work in hybrid mode; Some people dislike sitting at a desk and staring at a screen all day; instead, they thrive in high-energy environments. As an automotive technician, a person has the freedom to travel around the shop and speak with coworkers and clients.

Job Satisfaction:

Automotive technicians take the utmost pride in fixing problems that most people don’t understand and are satisfied with their job.

So, we can say that becoming an Automotive Technician is a good choice for a career.


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