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Make Future Career Decision with Career Counselor Program

A study by experts has revealed that currently the average person changes careers 7 times throughout their working life, which strongly indicates that career choice is not being given the consideration that it deserves. Unfortunately the effect of changing careers so frequently is that you lose any ground you have gained through experience and training, and you essentially have to start from the bottom each time.

For vocational and academic planning, some individuals may seek the assistance of a career counselor. Career Counselor helps the people achieve their professional goals and the aptitude through a focus on goals and objectives as well as proactive activity planning.

About Career Counseling Program

The career counseling program prepares the individual to work as career development professionals with people of all ages in a variety of settings such as colleges, universities, community colleges, public and private schools, nonprofit organizations, etc. The program prepares the individuals to provide students, job seekers, and professionals with the support and guidance needed to reach their career goals by effectively applying career development theories, facilitation skills, informal and formal assessment, and case management.

It helps to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses because it plays a vital role in helping you choose a right career path.

Access to Skill Box will be provided upon course completion that can be used to conduct psychometric test and analyse its report to guide students.

Objective of Career Counselor Program

  • Apply knowledge, skills and competencies to guide the client
  • Counseling with diverse clients on personal, social, emotional, career, and educational issues that impact development across their lifespan
  • Utilize appropriate assessment tools and procedures
  • Identify the roles, functions, and settings of career counselors – in addition to the history, philosophy, and trends in career counseling.
  • Employ ethical standards specifically related to the practice of career counseling.
  • Apply techniques of career development, career counseling, career choice, career programming, and associated information delivery – with consideration of personal, family, and cultural differences.
  • Instruct clients to acquire a set of employability and job search skills.
  • Identify, select, administer, score, and correctly interpret/report appropriate career assessment tools for clients.
  • Organize, administer, and evaluate a data-driven career counseling and development program.
  • Promote, manage, and implement career development programs, activities, and services either independently or in collaboration with others.
  • Consume, articulate, evaluate, and disseminate all types and forms of career and educational information

Program Benefits

A career counselor you will help individuals understand themselves to make better career decisions. Skills that are learned through career counseling program can become long lasting tools to help clients make future career and life decisions independently.

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