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It was truly a great pleasure for CEDPians to have Mr. Sumeet Shadilya for the Skill Talk with our Hotel Management students. He shared his real life experiences that helped students to get maximum exposure to hospitality industry and learn about trends in the structure and nature of employment. The session aided students in improving their learning in a more interactive and engaging way. It contributed to students’ knowledge and awareness about the current trends prevailing in hospitality industry.

Our eminent guest speaker told how diverse is hospitality industry, one of the fastest growing industries that generate 10% jobs every year. He further added, “Hospitality industry is one of the most secure industries to make your career as automation will not have a significant impact on it. Robots cannot be friendly and entertain the needs of guests generously or tackle the complex issues related to guests. Human workforce will always be in high demand in this sector.”

As many of our students aspire to become an entrepreneur and set up their own hotels, resorts or any other hospitality establishment, he shared some valuable tips on how to start the business. Commenting on the same, he said, “What drives business is purpose. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, have a purpose first and always solve the purpose. Money is always a by-product.”

By giving his real life examples, he shared how the professionals in hospitality industry should behave and what are the key traits that one should possess. He said, “Discipline is very important. It’s a habit that becomes lifestyle, and it takes time to make it a habit.” As a professional, one should take his work as an attitude and not as a task and do it passionately no matter at what position you are designated to. No work is big or small. Your main purpose should be to keep customers happy and fulfill their requirements. To become successful in hospitality industry, you should build good relationships, have mentor, be close to people having positive attitude, have discipline in life, be more adaptable and always have a passion to learn.

Concluding the session, Mr. Sumeet advised the students not to be fake and just be yourself. Always strive to give your best in the service.

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