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Mrs. Shaheen Khan on Panel at Startup Open House 2.0

The journey of an entrepreneur is a roller coaster, full of highs and lows. Particularly, for the budding entrepreneurs, it is really challenging as there are countless opportunities for growth as well as there are obstacles. Thus, it is important to understand some challenges faced by small businesses, especially if you are a starter. Seeking the right guidance can help the budding folks to overcome various challenges that they will experience.

An event, ‘Startup Open House 2.0’ was organized by 91 Spring Board in Navi Mumbai at their corporate office. It offered an excellent networking opportunity for the budding entrepreneurs to connect with established entrepreneurs. Moreover, the event created new opportunities for investments, partnerships, collaborations and helped them networking with other attendees. Mrs. Shaheen Khan, Founder & CEO of CEDP Skill Development Institute was on the jury panel at the event. She shared her valuable suggestions, ideas and thoughts with the budding folks on how to transform and grow the new startups and accomplish the set goals.

Entrepreneurs who had new startup interacted with Shaheen Khan who helped them with the best ways to turn their startup ambitions into reality and give a great beginning to their career. Moreover, the folks who had ambitions to start a business made several queries related to the problems they will be experiencing an entrepreneur and how to overcome those.

She said, “Strategy is an important part of any company’s success and a stepping stone towards the achievement of the longer term goals. Thus, building a right strategy is very important.” Further she added, “There is a competition in every business. Know your target audience and determine what they are looking for. One should always take a lot of courage and patience to stay on the cutting edge and run a business successfully.

As a business owner, she motivated the future founders and set them on the path to start their own business.










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