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Online courses in lockdown to get job post lockdown

Explore the world of opportunities by switching to online courses! The lockdown measures opted to combat the coronavirus pandemic has led to millions of people to stay at home as much as possible. But even when you are confined to your homes, you can learn a new skill by enrolling to short-term online courses offered by CEDP Skill Institute and advance your career.

Here’s a list of some courses to help you pursue you career in healthcare, hospitality, aviation and automobile industry:

General Duty Assistant

As per the research by experts, the demand for general duty assistants is projected to grow over 75% as per the studies revealed by the experts. General Duty Assistant course provides an overview of nursing care and the core role and responsibilities of this profession. The course trains you to efficiently work in healthcare settings by helping you learn the key skills required to perform your duty as a healthcare staff.

Medical Laboratory Technician

A study by experts has revealed that employment of medical and clinical lab technicians would grow 18 percent by 2024. There would be over 22,900 jobs will open up in the coming years. By enrolling to online Medical Laboratory Technician course, you can grab this opportunity or set up your own diagnostic centre. The course train you to collect samples, organize specimens and operate highly advanced equipment that mechanically analyze samples.

Certificate in Automobile Technician

More than 46,000 automotive service technicians and mechanics will be needed to fill roles through 2026, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. At the same time the demand for these services is growing, so are the skills required to do the jobs. As a technician, you should be well-versed with new technologies and advanced engine design. Certificate in Automobile Technician course provides advanced training required to fix the current vehicles.

Certificate in Ground Staff

As per the experts, the key players in aviation industry will be adding more than 100 aircraft, thus creating over 18,000 jobs by 2020. Certificate in Ground Staff focuses on best teaching practices and prepare you for ground staff role. You will learn all about roles and responsibilities of this profession.

Certificate in Food Production

Chefs with unique culinary skills are in high demand at a variety of dining venues across the world. BLS has estimated that employment of chefs and head cooks are expected to grow 11 percent between by 2028. Certificate in Food Production course helps you learn the skills and techniques required for understanding basic and advanced cooking methods.

Apart from above, CEDP Skill Institute offers an array of online skill development courses to keep the learning on. Try out an online course of your choice to learn new skills and pursue your dream career. These courses are ideal for upgrading your skills after 10th and 12th and helps you stay engaged during lockdown.

Whether you’d always wanted to explore a career in healthcare industry, or fascinated to join the aviation industry, our online courses from top educators are sure to help you pursue your dream job.

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