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One of a kind event: Skill-A-Thon

Skill Education has a power to enhance the socio economic status of an individual thus resulting in the improved Economy of Nation. In an endeavor to bring awareness among the society on the Skill Education along with Health & Fitness, we have organized a ‘Marathon Event’ named as ‘Skill –A-Thon’.

Why a Marathon?

More than a sport, Marathon is a way of Life. A Marathon won’t be successful with just one or two Marathoners; similarly CEDP Trust needs lot of help and support from every individual as well as organizations to change the socio economic face of the society. Marathon is just not a race but also a platform to reach out to the society with a social message. Hence CEDP Trust has taken ‘Skill-A-Thon’ initiative.

Skill-A-Thon would invite the participation of youth from Thane, Mumbai and Navi Mumbai who will run for the cause. The unique theme of this Marathon is in line with the ‘Skill India’ mission of Government of India and would attract lot of media attention. The funds raised through this event will be utilized for the Skill Education of Underprivileged Indian Youth to scale them up and enhance their Quality Life.

About the Organizer:

CEDP Trust

CEDP Trust is an Educational Trust, registered under Bombay Public Trust Act 1950 Registration No. – GBBSD: 859/2013, for societal transformation by creating opportunities for underprivileged youth and school dropouts by catering to Vocational Training programs/courses for youth.

CEDP Trust seeks to provide the underprivileged youth with skills enabling them to tackle ever-emerging economic challenges and helping them lead a dignified and quality life. We believe in empowering the marginalized by presenting them with economic opportunities through vocational skill training, promoting entrepreneurship and development of micro enterprises. Besides equipping men and women with essential skills and up-grading existing skill-sets, they are provided appropriate placement support, in tune with current market needs and demands. CEDP Trust works mainly with deprived children and youth in the belief that each of us is a giver and receiver by turns and situation. The central value that energizes our work is the faith that we as individuals are altered when we give back to the public and environment from which we draw so abundantly.


CLUB’s VISION is to disconnect you from your stressful lifestyle and give priority to your HEALTH. We unplug you from your machinery lifestyle and take out at least an hour for your health and fitness. We have unique exercise program which is based on 6 fitness components Frequency – Intensity – Type – Time – Volume – Progression which is a perfect formula of and exercise design based on ACSM (American college of sports medicine) guidelines.

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