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Vocational Courses | 5 Finest Courses You Can Choose!

You must have heard about various vocational courses like hospitality, hotel management, etc.

But, are they important?
Do they add value to your career?
Who should pursue vocational courses?

This article will help you find the answers to such questions.

What are Vocational Courses?

Vocational courses are non-academic courses that help students acquire skills related to a single occupation, and they are designed to pursue after 12th and after 10th grade. Many vocational courses in India add value to a career.

Vocational Courses vs Academic Courses

Vocational courses differ from academic courses, and a student can pursue both simultaneously. Vocational courses are skill-based courses that help students to learn a specific skill or upskill them. In contrast, academic courses are often theory-based courses with less or no practical learning. It helps a student to get an overall knowledge about a particular subject.

Why Do People Pursue Vocational Courses?

A person chooses to pursue a vocational course mainly because of two reasons a) learn a skill and b) upskill themselves. For example, if a student who just passed his HSC exam wants to make his career in the hotel management industry. A vocational course in hotel management will be a perfect fit for him as it would help him gain practical knowledge, skill and experience rather than pursuing an academic course.

Top 5 Vocational Courses to pursue in 2022 are:

Healthcare – In this sector, there are many vocational courses like:

Hospitality – In this sector, there are many vocational courses like:

  • Hotel Management
  • Front Office Operations
  • Food and Beverages
  • Food Production
  • Housekeeping Operations

Aviation – In this sector, there are many vocational courses like:

  • Cabin Crew
  • Ground Staff
  • Pilot Training
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Air Hostess

Automobile – In this sector, there are many vocational courses like:

Agriculture – In this sector, there are many vocational courses like:

  • Farm Machinery and Power
  • Fundamentals of Plant Breeding
  • Livestock Breeding and Nutrition
  • Production Technology for Fruit and Plantation Crops

Various institutes offer vocational courses to students. CEDP Skill Institute is one of the best skill institutes in India. They offer some of the most demanding vocational courses in Aviation, Hospitality, Healthcare, Automobile, etc., with personal counselling, on-job training and expertise.

The key Benefits of Pursuing Vocational Courses are:

Practical Learning:

Vocational courses help students learn and develop skills practically. Practical and focused learning makes students learn about a particular topic better and work efficiently in their workspace.

Personalized Learning:

Unlike academic courses, vocational courses offer personalized learning. Personalized learning help students to learn and understand efficiently as it considers the ability, capability, and area of interest of a student and then teaches them in the best possible way.

Low Cost on Investment:

Vocational courses are more affordable than academic courses with hands-on experience and focused learning. Hence, it gives a high return on low investment, which is a win-win situation for students and parents.

Flexible Schedule:

Institutes offering vocational courses give students the additional benefit of learning at their convenience and are shorter than academic courses. This flexibility motivates students to learn with a focused and peaceful mind.

Due to such exciting benefits, vocational courses are the need of an hour.

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