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Why Vocational Course is the way for a Rewarding Career?

[:en]With fees of primary education going upward, paying for the education is becoming unaffordable for many. In today’s time when education is a pre-requisite for success in the corporate world, what remains for those who aspire but can’t afford the finance required?

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Vocational education has come as a boon for such. Vocational education is the other alternative, in-fact best alternative available for them.

Initially people had reservations about such career oriented vocational courses vis-à-vis regular once, but not now. In-fact the attitude is changing for the good.

What is Vocational Course?

‘Vocational’ means ‘job-related’. So a student enrolled in a vocational course means that they are learning skills that will help them to get a job in organized sector.

Going by its name, vocational course by virtue of its result oriented curriculum prepares and makes a student ready for a specific profession, trade or career.

Vocational courses are customized and tailor made and directly proportionate to the need and requirement of the industry, thus making students completely ready for industry specific jobs and career.

Contrary to the traditional approach of the academic learning, vocational course are more training oriented and skill focused. They are a stepping stone towards the world of stable career and job oriented education.

There are many options available, out of which, students can choose one based on their interest and can make a professional career out of it.

There are institutes offering vocational course and training in the field of Hotel Management, Automobile Engineering, Nursing Aid, DMLT, Industrial Safety, Naturopathy and others. Vocational courses are flexible, relevant, inclusive and creative in nature, in which more emphasis is given on the practical exposure.

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Why Vocational Courses is the need of the hour?

Vocational education programs have made a real difference in the lives of countless young people nationwide; they build self-confidence and leadership skills by allowing students to utilize their unique gifts and talents.”  – Conrad Burns

As per the latest survey, it is found that only 25 percent of the graduates coming out of the traditional education system are having skills worth employable. The above findings are also seconded by The Economic Forum (WEF), which has maintained that only 25 per cent of Indian professionals are considered employable for jobs in the organized sector, highlighting the need and importance of the higher quality vocational education, which can enable and prepare today’s youth for industry specific jobs.

Vocational courses and training institutes are therefore the need of the hour in India. Their result oriented curriculum supplements formal education and improve the employ-ability of Indian youths.

Globally India ranks second in-terms of age of working population (18-29). These are the youth which have very important role to play in the growth and progress of the country.

Their working skill sets will decide the future of India. It is imperative that these working populations are imparted with the right and sufficient skill, equipped with the industry specific training to make them productive for themselves and the country. 

Benefits of Vocational Education

Equipped with a vocational training and qualification, you are more likely to be able to start working sooner.

For a job seeker the vocational certificate is always an added advantage thus making them ready to take on the skilled and good paying job immediately.

Earning a certificate from a vocational training institute, which states that you have mastered the necessary skills to work in a particular sector and profession, will always add value to your credentials while out there seeking job.  Thus, vocational courses, improves your employability chance.

Vocational training imparts certain amount of experience to the students, which the employer are looking out for.

Being well aware of the industry requirements and skills, which are going to be in demand, the vocational training institutes’ trains’ young people, which will help them acquire the essentials and industry specific skills.

The vocational education offers a wide variety of choice in terms of specialization. They are short term and less expensive. Students can opt for the one based on their interest and skill set.

It gives many a chance to upgrade their educational qualification who, otherwise could not enroll in college because of low grade or financial problems.

The instructors at the vocational institutes are real time professional from the industry thus imparting hands on and absolute information to the students on the respective professions, thus enabling them to start their career at the earliest.

Skills & Competency based Vocational Courses

India receives only 10 percent of the skilled and trained work force in comparison to 80 percent in Japan and 90 percent in Korea. Vocational training institutes here will play an important role in bridging the gap between skilled professional availability and requirement in job sector.

These training institutes churn out professionals which fulfills the shortage of the skilled man-force required. Vocational Institutes will help build skilled India whose importance has been felt by the government of India.

The faculty of the vocational institutes adopt principles of teaching and learning which help students to adopt a competency-based approach essential in job market.

Vocational course offers a plethora of option for the students to make a choice ranging from hospitality, automobile, healthcare, I.T, fashion, office management, trade, agriculture, home science and the list goes on.

Vocational Education is been created in such a way that it is relevant and inclusive. Indian Government has understood the importance of vocational education and has taken various initiatives to promote it as in the coming years India will have young and dynamic working population – the youths.

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To know more about the prospect and details of the vocational courses students can contact CEDP a skill institute established to nurture vocational development skills of the students.[:]

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