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Pursuing a career that’s distinctive and captivating often comes with substantial benefits. It can mean chasing your dreams or something that you are passionate about (which can help you maintain a higher level of job satisfaction and fulfillment).  The traditional system doesn’t do justice to careers that are best learned by hands-on, real-life experience.  The mainstream education system of our country focuses on viewing every child equally and teaching them the same content despite their differences in learning abilities, likes and dislikes. The traditional college education does not satisfy the requirements of the corporate world which in turn leads to unemployment. According to a study, only 4% of mainstream graduates are employable whereas, more than 75% students from Skill Development and Vocational Training institutes get employed in their areas of study right after the completion of course.

A skill development institute is an educational institution that imparts skills related to a specific job that you love or are interested in. Vocational schools require minimal amount of time to complete, have smaller class sizes, and the majority of the training is hands-on, which is the most ideal environment for many types of students. Vocational degrees ensure well-paying jobs like electrician, mechanic, machinist, medical lab technician, pharmacy technician, art therapist, baker, yoga instructor, blogger, life coach, etc. with room for growth and managerial potential in each field. Skill Development is based on a practical approach to learning; students are given the non-theoretical skills and knowledge that employers are looking for right out of the gate. Vocational schools often mould their program offerings, learning formats, and student services according to the needs of a more diverse student body since students who enrol themselves in vocational courses are often already working, have families, and don’t want to (or aren’t able to) attend a traditional college.


“The idea behind skill development courses is that students can acquire skills as per their area of interest, which would make them employable with a bright career of their choice.”


Not only vocational courses provide low cost education, but also ensure easy employment and success in the chosen field. Vocational institutes, by being aware of  what skills are going to be required by the hiring companies and providing the youth with qualifications that will furnish them with these skills, lend a hand in making them more acquainted with the areas where there is the more demand, and inspire them to be more positive about their future line of work.

It is about time the society at large accepted the pressing need for creating awareness of Vocational Skills as a viable career option for a much wider audience.

Let’s create a skilled world!!!!


Written by- Falaknaaz Chhapra

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