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World Nursing Day: Attend CEDP’s Nursing Seminar and Explore Boundless Opportunities

Do you want to take nursing as your career? The Council and Education Development Programmes (CEDP) will help you achieve your dream.

We invite all HSC students and their parents to a skill and career mapping seminar on the nursing profession on the occasion of World Nursing Day. The objective of the seminar is to provide you with valuable knowledge and guidance about the nursing world, which includes roles of the nurses in healthcare, various specialties, required qualifications, and career opportunities.

So, save details and don’t forget to attend the CEDP nursing seminar. It’s for your betterment.

  • Date: 12th May 2023
  • Time: 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM
  • Venue: Venue: Sheth N.KT.T College Of Commerce And Sheth J.T.T College Of Science And Arts, Thane, Maharashtra

Let’s understand the seminar objectives in detail

Understanding the Role of Nurses:

The seminar will emphasize the vital contributions nurses make to the healthcare system, highlighting their capacity to enhance patient outcomes and improve the overall quality of healthcare services. Attendees, including parents and students, will gain a greater appreciation for the value and impact of nursing professionals in society.

Exploring Nursing Specialties:

This seminar will showcase various nursing career paths, such as pediatric nursing, critical care, psychiatric nursing, and community health, which cater to specific patient populations or healthcare environments. Exploring these specialties will help attendees uncover their interests and strengths, empowering them to make informed choices regarding a nursing career.

Skills and Qualifications Required:

The seminar will showcase expert speakers who will outline the vital competencies and academic requirements for a nursing career. They will stress the importance of qualities like empathy, critical thinking, communication, and adaptability, all essential for exceptional patient care. Attendees will gain valuable insights into educational pathways, including nursing degrees and diplomas, and the potential for advanced degrees to specialize further.

Career Progression Opportunities:

The seminar will showcase various career pathways within nursing, including roles like nurse practitioner, nurse educator, and nurse manager, and opportunities in research and leadership. Participants will receive valuable guidance on navigating these pathways, understanding the necessary steps to advance in their careers and the importance of continuous professional development for lifelong learning.

Preparing for a Career in Nursing:

The seminar goes beyond imparting nursing knowledge and provides practical advice on preparing for a prosperous nursing career. Esteemed speakers will offer guidance on choosing the appropriate educational institutions, acquiring relevant certifications, and gaining valuable clinical experience. They will emphasize the significance of networking, mentorship, and cultivating a robust professional support system, all crucial for thriving in the nursing profession.

This isn’t all. You will learn many other important things related to the nursing profession in our seminar. So, mark your calendars for May 12, 2023, and register today by emailing

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