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Most in-Demand Jobs in Healthcare Sector During Coronavirus Pandemic

Thinking about a career during COVID-19 pandemic?

It’s now like Job First, Choice Later! This is the current situation due to coronavirus, which has spread over 110 countries. The job market this year is undoubtedly challenging that we have seen in our lifetimes. Thus, it’s important to acknowledge the careers that are thriving during the pandemic.


Urvashi Patel

Nurse at Apex Multispeciality Hospital


Shaikh Azad Kalim

Lab Technician at Acharya Tulsi Lab, Mumbai

If you are staring at an uncertain future, know that this also a great time to consider a career in healthcare sector.  Embrace the chaos and consider a job in this fastest-growing sector as demand for healthcare workers have surged all over the world to address the outbreak. A short-term certification course can help you land a good-paying job in various medical organizations.

Below are a few job positions, the hospitals are looking to fulfill:

Lab Technicians

One of the listed healthcare occupations that healthcare establishments are seeking to hire are certified and skilled lab technicians that can help with coronavirus diagnosis as it continues to spread. You can get an entry-level job role in any of the hospital or laboratories by completing your certification program. You can enroll to Medical Laboratory Technology course, short term job-oriented program that involved diagnose, treat and prevent disease through clinical laboratory tests.

General Duty Assistants

Hospitals and quarantine centres across the country are looking for certified general duty assistants to look after the growing number of covid patients. They are also in great demand in several airport locations for screening of commuters. You can pursue this lucrative job option in healthcare sector by enrolling General Duty Assistant training program. By obtaining a certification in this short term course you can seek opportunities for advancement in career.


Nurses are required in almost every specialty! You’ve probably been reading or hearing about the shortage of nurses for a while now. It’s true! Due to pandemic, there is a greater demand for certified nurses. But unfortunately, demand is higher than the supply, which means that you will be able to find work and a good salary. Looking at the career opportunities, you map you your career path. Become a certified nurse by enrolling to Nursing Aide course.

Patient Care Assistants

Highly skilled patient care assistants are in great demand. These healthcare workers assist the patient with daily activities such as grooming, feeding, bathing, and other number of tasks. You can obtain certification by enrolling to Patient Care Assistant course and get hired by hospitals and nursing care homes across the country.

Sometimes planning doesn’t come true. So, identify the opportunities and make a better choice. Seek a career in healthcare industry as job opportunities are ample around the world.


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