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Patient Care Assistant – Level 3

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Patient Care Assistant – Level 3

If you are looking for a career in the healthcare industry after your 8th, enroll in government recognized Patient Care Assistant course. The training program trains the candidates to help patients with daily routines, hygiene & medical needs.

Students upon the certificate course completion are qualified to work alongside nurses in healthcare facilities or in-home care settings. The course familiarizes students with the basics of caring for patients and providing safety, comfort and how to help patients with activities of daily living.

Patient Care Assistant training program offered is mapped at level 3 of NSQF’s qualification which is equivalent to 12th (HSC). It facilitates the learners to go for the further higher studies including degree and research programmes

Career opportunities if you have PCA certification by your side

  • Best path for promotions and senior positions
  • Learn new skills to increase your earning potential
  • Go for the further higher studies such as B VOC and enhance your employability skills
  • Earn government recognized certification

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What will you learn?

  • Assist the patient with daily activities
  • Taking patients’ temperature, blood pressure, and pulse
  • Administering medications
  • Collecting specimens for lab tests
  • Monitoring patients

Steps to make you pro

Practical: The students are trained by industry experts having rich experience in patient care services. Practical conducted in well-equipped labs aid our students learning and help them learn how to take good care of patient and how to assist patients with basic tasks and activities.

On-the-Job-Training: We place our students for on-job-training at leading hospitals to provide them a practical perspective of the workplace. As they work under the guidance of experts, it provides them an opportunity to ask questions related to their area of interest. They will help patients with daily routines, hygiene & medical needs.

Study Tours: We organize industrial visits for the student to make them more aware of industry practices and regulations. They are able to identify their prospective areas of work and help patients with activities of daily living.

Career paths upon Patient Care Assistant course completion

  • Patient care assistant/ Patient care technicians
  • Patient Care Aides
  • Medical assistant
  • Home health aides

Employment outlook

Overall employment of patient care assistants (Patient Care Aides or Patient Care Technician) is projected to grow 8 percent from 2019 to 2029, much faster than the average for all occupations. The rise in healthcare facilities and the aging population have sparked the demand for these professionals. Thus, job opportunities for this profession are also projected to grow rapidly in the coming years.

Become a certified PCA by enrolling for Patients Care Assistant course and pursue this revered profession.

We promise 100% Job Placement

We have professional collaborations and alliances with an array of Hospitals, Nursing Homes and other healthcare establishments for the placement of our students. Upon this certificate course completion including theory classes and OJT, the students kick start their career in reputed hospitals.

Core Benefits

  • Get employed with assisted living facilities, hospitals, nursing homes and rehabilitation center.
  • An excellent career opportunity as there is a huge demand for Patient Care Assistants/Technicians.
  • Applicants who have completed a certification program enjoy better job opportunities than the non-certified candidates.
  • They are the ones who address any patient’s need that comes up.


8th & Above


18 - 35 Years

Total Duration

3 Months

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Our National Recruiters

The certification course at CEDP Skill Institute trains you in:

Patient Care

As a patient companion, you will help patients with daily routines, hygiene & medical needs. Our highly experienced faculty will train you on how to assist patients with basic tasks and activities, such as bathing, dressing, eating, escorting patients to the desired place and fulfilling their other basic needs.

Patient Handling

Patient Care Technician often has to deal with various types of patients. Calming the patients and help them overcome the immediate medical crisis is something the professional has to learn. Maintaining a professional attitude and a calm demeanor are part of the job and patient care training helps you pick up such skills.

Basic Skills

As a Patient Care Assistant looking after the needs of patients who are sick, bedridden or mentally or physically ill, it is important for you to learn the skills and techniques required to handle the patients in a proper way. The certification course will get you up to speed on these techniques and equip you with right skills essential for improved patient care.

Why choose a career as Patient Care Assistant/Technician?

Demand for Patient Care Technician

As the population ages, Patient Care Assistant will be needed to assist and care for elderly patients. Moreover, rise in healthcare facilities has sparked the demand for these professionals. Thus, job opportunities for this revered profession are also projected to grow in the coming years.


As a Patient Care Assistant, the flexibility of job you get is quite high. You may work full time or part-time and also on weekends and holidays. You may choose to work in various types of setups including assisted living facilities, hospitals, etc.

Mental Satisfaction

Apart from a handsome salary, you get a great deal of happiness and satisfaction about making a difference to a patient's life. You are just like a blessing for patients who are disabled, bedridden and sick and assisting them with daily activities.

Job Settings

As a Patient Care Assistant, you will work at home care environment. Working hours may be varied including day and night shifts and also work on weekends and holidays.


To become a certified patient care assistant, you have to complete a training program, and obtain a certificate by passing an exam.

Minimum qualification required for Patient Care Assistant course is 8th.

Yes! At CEDP, we offer 100% job guarantee.

PCA is a 3-month course.

Average Patient Care Assistant salary is Rs. 19000 per month.

Yes. It is an excellent career choice for aspirants as demand for skilled and trained PCA is growing worldwide.

Attractive Features:

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