Customer Service Advisor (CSA)

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Customer Service Advisor (CSA)

The Customer Service Advisor course (CSA) offered by CEDP Skill Institute in Mumbai combines theory and practical exercises and provides an extensive training on customer handling skills. Students will learn many aspects of automotive business operations with specific focus on customer service, service writing, vehicle repair, and parts. They will also learn automotive business operations aspects with specific focus on customer service, vehicle repair and parts and service writing.

At CEDP, we make you a certified customer service advisor in just 3 months. Demonstrative and participatory practical and paid on-job-training equips the students with apt skills required to enter the job market.

Once you become a certified Automotive CSA, you can enter the job market and earn attractive salary. Customer Service Advisor acts as the liaison between the service technicians and customers at the garage. They play a vital role at work place interacting with the customers to determine the problems related to the vehicles and resolving complaints. They also closely work with the technicians and provide them appropriate repair descriptions.

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Core Benefits

  • Work as an Automotive Customer Service Advisor with the esteemed auto workshops.
  • Get hired by automobile dealerships across the country.
  • With the right qualification and relevant experience, you can progress in your career at a fast pace.


10th & Above


21 – 30 Years

Total Duration

3 Months


1 Month


2 Months

Secure your future during time of social distancing!
Get instant admission to the course in just Rs 999/-.
Admissions open, enroll now!

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*Terms & Conditions Apply

Our National Recruiters

Customer Service Advisor training course trains in the following areas

  • Enhanced communication skills
  • Effective greetings
  • Pre-work order preparation
  • Selling approaches and techniques
  • Repair order techniques
  • Service strategies
  • Customer interaction skill levels
  • Upselling opportunities

Why pursue a career as CSA?

Rising Demand of Skilled Professionals
Every car dealership strives to provide superior customer service, and thus there is a constant demand of skilled, trained and certified services advisors. A certificate in Customer Service advisor will help you find a lucrative job in the automobile industry.

Good Pay Package
With the relevant experience and qualification, you will find yourself in demand. They are more likely to find good-paying jobs and experience rapid wage growth. This position starts at an attractive salary with promotion potential depending on your experience and car dealership’s location and size.

Enhance Your Skills as a CSA
Employed as a customer service advisor, you will get a chance to have plenty of customer interactions as they visit the workshop for repairs, maintenance and other vehicle related issues. It helps you develop and enhance various skills such as decision-making skills, interpersonal skills, communication skills, understand automotive technology etc.

CEDP’s Customer Service Advisor course structure

At CEDP, the Customer Service Advisor is well designed to create outstanding customer service professionals. The students will be trained on the basics of automobiles, strategies to solve customer’s problems, cataloguing concerns of customer, scheduling service appointments, determining customer’s complain etc.

Great Customer Service

Satisfactory customer service means listening to customer’s problems keenly and giving them full attention. During the course, students will learn how to offer outstanding customer service and create a long lasting impression on customers. They will be trained on how to deal with customers on their visit and answer their question in the best possible way.

Communication Skills

It is very important for the customer service advisors to have a clear and good communication with their esteemed customers. The students with our services advisor training will develop excellent communication skills and become skilled in explaining repairs to the customers. They can help them understand what repairs will be performed on their vehicle and why it is required.

Demonstrate Responsibility

Consider a service advisor training at CEDP as our experts help the students develop exceptional customer service skills. The customers visiting the workshops need reassurance that their vehicle are repaired properly without any delay. A service professional with exceptional skills is only proficient in dealing with unhappy customers by offering a solution to the problems and giving them positive experience.



A skilled customer service advisor always strives to create a good rapport with his customers. He should have full understanding of his businesses’ functions and services.

Customer service advisors interact directly with potential, new and existing clients. They help customers with complaints and questions, provide information about products and services etc.

A certificate in Customer Service Advisor program can help the candidates get hired by various car and bikes dealerships.

Along with a certification, you must have excellent communication, problem-solving and organizational skills.

Most of the service advisors get a commission on selling the services.