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Diploma in Automobile Technology

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Diploma in Automobile Technology

Diploma in Automobile Technology is a 2-year full time course for the aspiring automobile enthusiasts which will train them in installing, maintaining, repairing and replacing automotive parts. It helps the students gain hands-on experience working with different parts of vehicles such as brake systems, engines, electrical systems, steering systems, transmissions etc. Govt. recognized certificate will be offered on successful completion of the course.

If you are passionate about automobiles, pursue a career in automobile technology.

Core Benefits

  • Careers as mechanics, supervisor, servicing personnel or other auto repair professionals.
  • Get employed in manufacturing plants or workshops of cars, bikes and other automobiles.
  • Work at workshop as a professional looking after the maintenance and up gradation of the automobiles and provide after sale service to the customers.


10th & Above


18 to 30 Years

Total Duration

24 Months


6 Months

On-Job-Training Duration

18 Months

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6 Quick Facts

Job Prospects

Career opportunities are ample if you are expertise in repairing and maintenance of bikes, cars and other automobile. In the coming years, demand for technician and mechanics having skills in working with advanced technologies will have better prospects in coming years.

Types of Job Roles

New technologies have been introduced that are being in auto repair workshop. After the completion of course, you will be equipped with right skills and can be employed as mechanics, supervisor, servicing personnel or other auto repair professionals at auto repair centres.

Mobility of Career

As a qualified professional having a govt. recognized certificate, you can get employed with manufacturing plants and automobile workshops across the country. You can also set up your garage or workshop as repairing and servicing of vehicles is always required.

Skill Upgradation

By enrolling for this course, you can learn all about the new technologies used at the automobile workshops for diagnosing and repairing from simple to complex mechanical problems in cars, bikes and other vehicles.

Good Pay Scale

An automotive service technician is one of the high paying careers. If you’re highly skilled and have thorough knowledge and understanding about the advanced technologies used at the workshops or manufacturing units, you are paid well.

Work Environment

The automotive service technicians may work indoors as well as outdoor, but usually they work indoors. They commonly work with greasy parts and tools and are sometimes exposed to hazardous equipment which may result in minor cuts.

CEDP’s Diploma in Automobile Technology course structure

Automobile General Introduction

A student need to take an introductory course to begin an education in automotive technology. Students will be introduced to the major auto systems such as cooling, transmission, electrical, engine, braking system and steering and suspension.

Digital Car Maintenance

New technology and complex electrical engines has led to digitalizing the car maintenance. Students have to now equip themselves with the apt skills required to diagnose and repair the automobile engines using latest technology. They will be trained in repairing engine, brakes, electrical systems, and air conditioning/heating.

Electronics and Sensors

The course provides a fundamental insight into electrical systems of automobiles. It helps the students understand the terminology, troubleshooting as well as the use of diagnostic test equipment. Students will learn all about the components and circuits of the electrical system, including lighting and battery.