Courses After 12th Commerce, Science, Arts [Diploma & Degree]

Courses After 12th Commerce, Science, Arts [Diploma & Degree]

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The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any option.

Well, that’s the case of most students as they appear for their 12thexam.

“What career is right for me?” “What should I do to take up the right career?” These thoughts will occupy your mind continuously. With this confused state of mind, you may wander places to gather information, to set up a bright career ahead.

In the end, you would want to pursue a career that will benefit you for a lifetime. Ask yourself some basic questions while selecting the right career.

  • What do you like doing best?
  • What are you good at?
  • Does your preferable career suit your personality?
  • What kind of lifestyle you prefer?

Such reflective questions and thoughts will help you in your career selection choices. Meanwhile, we present you several diploma and degree courses that are offered after 12th exam. Reading through this information will give you a short glimpse of these courses and help you select your right career and create a bright future!

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Select Diploma/Degree from the options below:

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Diploma Courses after 12th Commerce

Diploma in Fashion Designing:

Why choose fashion designing as a career?

  • You are interested in clothes and accessories.
  • You have a good fashion sense, and sense of design & style.
  • You like to experiment with style and designs.
  • You want to create outfits for people.
  • You can draw/sketch.

What will you study in the fashion designing course (some topics)?

  • Fashion industry language
  • History of fashion design
  • Fabric selection
  • Design principles
  • Garment and accessory design
  • Stitching methods and patterns
  • Functioning of the industry

What work can you do?

In the initial years of your career, you will assist your team/senior designers in garment designing. Based on your interest, skills and creativity, you could end up working as an independent fashion designer or a senior/lead fashion designer in reputed garment design/manufacturing companies. Typically, your work will be to design/create:

  • Clothing for men, women and children
  • Costumes for theater, television and film industry
  • Accessories and footwear

Course duration: One year course after 12th.


Diploma in Computer Application:

Why choose computer application as a career?

  • Computers excite you.
  • You are interested to learn about computer software and languages, and work in this field.

What will you study in the computer application course (some topics)?

  • Basics of computer and operating systems
  • MS Office
  • Information Technology
  • Internet
  • HTML
  • Programming languages, such as C, C++, etc.

What work can you do?

  • Create/develop:
    • Computer applications, such as word processors, to automate office processes.
    • Database applications.
  • Test, update and maintain applications post-launch.

Course duration: One year course after 12th.


Diploma in Yoga:

Why choose yoga training as a career?

  • You are interested in health and fitness, or have a background in it.
  • You are learning yoga or interested deeply in yoga.
  • You like to train and motivate people related to health and fitness.

What will you study in the yoga training course (some topics)?

  • History of yoga
  • Traditional and contemporary yoga
  • Postures
  • Yogic practices and therapies

What work can you do?

You can either work part-time or full-time in health centres, schools and colleges. You could also open your yoga centre. Typically, your work will involve:

  • Teaching yoga positions, breathing exercises, and helping people meditate.
  • Helping people improve their lifestyle choices and life quality.
  • Designing yoga curriculum.
  • Specialising in teaching specific student groups, such as pregnant women or patients.

Course duration: One year course after 12th.


Diploma in Banking:

Why choose banking as a career?

  • You like finance and related subjects.
  • You like to work in a bank.
  • You are not sure which field interests you. (Banking doesn’t require special skills or talent. A person with an average aptitude can have a promising career in banking.)
  • Banks have more number of holidays than in private companies!

What will you study in the banking course (some topics)?

  • Financial institutions and global markets
  • Banking laws
  • Bank structure and forms
  • Credits, foreign trade and foreign exchange
  • Customer-bank relationship

What work can you do?

Duties in banks are varied in nature. You could work in departments, such as personal banking, retail banking, loan servicing, wealth management, investment banking, deposit operations, electronic banking, commercial banking, mortgage banking, etc. Depending on role, you may need to interact with customers on a daily basis, guide them with bank products, resolve queries, monitor staff duties and supervise bank processes.

Course duration: One year course after 12th.


Diploma in Financial Accounting:


Why choose financial accounting as a career?

  • You are comfortable with numbers and computers.
  • Surplus job opportunities across all industries/sectors are available.
  • Financial accounting has minimal boring theories; it focuses more on real-life applications.

What will you study in the financial accounting course (some topics)?

  • Business Law
  • Accounting
  • Auditing and taxation
  • Management

What work can you do?

You will maintain a company’s financial records and tax reports. These reports give an idea of the company’s economic performance (balance sheets, cash flow statements, and profit and loss statements). Through these reports, the company owner can decide if the company is performing as per its goals and can take corrective steps.

Course duration: One year course after 12th.


Diploma in Industrial Safety:

Why choose industrial safety as a career?

  • This seems an interesting career choice.
  • Jobs span across all industries/sectors. The need for industrial safety workforce is rising.

What will you study in the industrial safety course (some topics)?

  • Fire engineering
  • Industrial hazards
  • Industrial safety
  • Safety in construction activities
  • Occupational health and environment

What work can you do?

You can find jobs in private and consulting companies, and government organizations. Your basic duty is to ensure that workplaces are hazard-free for employees, as per government guidelines and regulations. Accordingly, you could:

  • Plan, implement and review safety regulations, and programmes for employees.
  • Inspect facilities for biological, chemical and physical hazards.
  • Investigate accidents, and report health and safety violations.

Course duration: One year course after 12th.


Diploma in Business Management:

Why choose business management as a career?

  • You are interested in making a career in business and management.
  • A career in business management offers a variety of professional choices and specializations.

What will you study in the business management course (some topics)?

  • Introduction to business
  • Principles of management
  • Financial management
  • Operations

What work can you do?

Management professionals can find jobs in all companies. Skilled managers are in high demand. Consequently management professionals with the right experience and credentials are some of the highest paid professionals in the world.

Course duration: One year course after 12th.


Diploma in Hotel Management:

Why choose hotel management as a career?

  • Hotel management is a significant part of the travel and hospitality industry. There are multiple job opportunities available in India and Abroad.
  • You can remain calm in the most demanding work conditions.
  • You are interested in hospitality and travel industry.

What will you study in the hotel management course (some topics)?

  • Principles of management
  • Front office management
  • Food and beverage management
  • Corporate communication
  • Hospitality marketing
  • Accommodation and leisure management
  • Consumer behaviour

What work can you do?

You can be employed in hotels, restaurants, cruises, ships, catering companies and all establishments that offer food service, accommodation & other customer service-related jobs. Positions at the entry-level do not require more than a diploma. However, extensive training and work experience is necessary for upper-level management positions. Common job profiles include Front Desk Receptionist, Restaurant Manager, Duty Manager, etc.

Course duration: One year course after 12th.

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Diploma in Physical Education:

Why choose physical education as a career?

  • You are interested in sports and adventure.
  • You like to be a sports coach.
  • Awareness and liking toward sports and adventurous activities is on rise. There is a rise in job opportunities.

What will you study in the physical education course (some topics)?

  • Basics of physical education
  • Measurement of track and fields

What work can you do?

You can work as a sports coach and/or trainer. This career opens up opportunities within the health & fitness industry, schools & colleges, recreation centres, fitness centres and establishments offering adventure activities. It is recommended to pursue higher studies in the field of physical education after completing the diploma course and gaining some work experience.

Course duration: One year course after 12th.


Diploma in Retail Management:

Why choose retail management as a career?

  • Today, the number of malls, departmental stores and franchisees is more than ever before. This number is going to increase, surely, indicating more jobs in the recent future. Indian economy is booming, so, people will never stop shopping.
  • A career in retail management is new but surely interesting and rewarding.

What will you study in the retail management course (some topics)?

  • Introduction to retail
  • Overview of merchandising
  • Store design, layout and management
  • Space management
  • Sourcing

What work can you do?

After completing this diploma, you can get a job as a trainee in an outlet. You will understand how to run and manage a store. Your knowledge and experience will enable you to understand the jargons and working of the retail industry. It would help if you pursue a management course or an advanced retail management course for better job opportunities. With experience and knowledge, you could work in the managerial capacity. Common job profiles would be Sales Manager, Retail manager, Project manager, etc.

Course duration: One year course after 12th.


 Diploma Courses after 12th Science

Diploma in Nursing:

Why choose nursing as a career?

  • You are interested in helping and comforting sick people.
  • You are calm and empathetic.
  • There is a shortage of trained nurses in India. Thus, job opportunities are plenty.

What will you study in the nursing course (some topics)?

  • Basics of nursing
  • Environmental hygiene
  • Biosciences
  • Behavioural sciences
  • Administration and ward management

What work can you do?

Apart from hospitals and nursing homes, you could be employed in schools, companies and houses of the rich & elite. Typically, you will be assigned to a ward—emergency rooms, intensive care units, etc. You would work with doctors & nurses in a team to monitor patients’ condition and execute the daily treatment plan. You could also work as a surgical nurse in the operation theatre and assist surgeons. Private nurses are also in demand. Depending on your education and skill, you could also work as a midwife.

Course duration: One year course after 12th.

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Diploma in Physiotherapy:

Why choose physiotherapy as a career?

  • You are interested in helping sick people get back to normalcy.
  • You are emotionally strong, empathetic and responsible.
  • You are willing to work in rotational shifts.
  • Physiotherapy is in demand today.

What will you study in the physiotherapy course (some topics)?

  • General anatomy and physiology
  • Psychology
  • Pathology
  • Neurology
  • Electrotherapy
  • Exercise therapy

What work can you do?

You could work in hospitals, nursing homes, health-care centres, gyms, sports centers, multinational companies, old-age homes and NGOs. There are opportunities for training as well. In hospitals, your patient profile would be diverse. Patients from departments, such as orthopedic, cardiology, cancer, surge