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NURSING AIDE (General Duty Assistant)

Nursing Aide (General Duty Assistant) Course in Mumbai after HSC

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There are numerous avenues available for aspiring students seeking a career in the healthcare industry and nursing is one of them. Millions of candidates seek a career in GDA (General Duty Assistant) course after passing out 10 + 2. In Mumbai’s CEDP Skill Institute, you can pursue the GDA course. This course prepares you for a bright career in the healthcare sector, with in-depth knowledge of various nuances of nursing care, medication, primary care, medical assistance and exposure to the industry.

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Obtaining a certification or diploma in GDA from a top-notch Institute in India, opens up wide career horizons, literally. The number of healthcare facilities including specialty clinics and hospitals is only growing with time in India. Studies reveal the demand for trained nursing staffs in the country will go up by several notches in next few years. The Nursing course offered by CEDP has a balance of course content and industry internship.

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CEDP’s GDA Course in Mumbai Covers the below-listed areas:

  • Medical assistance– As a nurse, you get to learn various nuances of assisting a doctor. This can be for diagnosing a patient as well as carrying out various tests in medical facilities including large hospitals. A nurse also plays a pivotal role in assisting doctors and surgeons in carrying out major operations and surgeries in such setups.
  • Basic medical care– In many medical setups, nurses are required to attend to the daily needs of patients more than the doctors. As a nurse, you may require applying medications and injections to the patients as per advised dosage. Assisting them in feeding and bathing may also be required. Nurses also need to prepare and change the bandages for injured patients and cater to skin level issues. In nursing courses, you can learn the nuances of primary medical care for handling patients.
  • Knowledge of medicine– In a nursing course, you also get to learn various nuances of medicine. This is crucial because nurses often need to administer medications to patients all over the year. Knowledge of identifying as well as preparing various types of medications is essential for a nurse.
  • Patient handling– Nurses often have to deal with various types of patients including those who are traumatized or overtly emotional. Calming the patients and help them overcome the trauma or immediate medical crisis is something nurses have to learn. Maintaining a professional attitude and a calm demeanor are part of the job and nursing training helps you pick up such skills.


Course Duration

  • Theory: 6 Months
  • Practicals: 1 Year OJT (Paid Internship)


  • 12th (HSC) & BSC

Job Placement

  • 100% Job Guarantee & Lifetime Job Assistance

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Demand for nurses

After passing out of nursing course from a top institute you will not have to wait long for getting suitable jobs. The number of various healthcare facilities is increasing and supply often fails to meet the demand, as far as nurses are concerned.


As a nurse, the flexibility of jobs you get is quite high. You may work full time or part-time. You may choose to work in various types of medical setups as well. This is helpful when you have another job or are pursuing higher studies. You may also choose to work with a specific type of patients after gathering experience as a nurse.

Mental happiness

Apart from the high salary, you will get as a nurse, the mental happiness part cannot be denied. As a nurse, you help people in getting back to normal life, put smiles on their faces and also contribute to the happiness of related people in the patient’s life.

Job Mobility

Since nurses are highly in demand in all parts of the country, you will not face a shortage of jobs no matter where you relocate to India. You may have the aspiration to move to a metro city for settling down. The aspiration will become reality when you have experience and skill as a nurse.

Experience in medication

As a nurse, you work in close proximity with noted surgeons and doctors. As a result, you gather knowledge and become an expert on medicine and many aspects of health care over the years. This helps you in climbing up the ladders in a career.

Work environment

As a nurse, you may get to work in top-notch healthcare setups, amidst professional people. Your grooming sense and level of discipline will get a boost, without you noticing it explicitly, in the long run.

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Why choose Nursing Course with CEDP?

Nursing is much in demand among students passing out 12th because of the growing demand for a nurse in the country. The remuneration and allied facilities, in nursing jobs, has gone up in recent times, adding to the variability of the profession. CEDP Skill Institute in Mumbai offers a well-designed course in nursing that prepares aspirants seeking a career in the healthcare industry in the aptest way. While undergoing the course, you get the chance to get hands-on training in top hospitals, which enables you to bag jobs into healthcare setups after passing out. You may start as a nursing assistant and in due time get promoted to the designation of a nursing superintendent or higher, based on your performance and efforts. You will be able to find lucrative jobs in the nursing sector in top govt. hospitals, specialty clinics, and NGOs. CEDP Skill Institute has alliances with leading healthcare entities which can be helpful for providing suitable placement for students. So, you can be assured of putting your money in the right place by choosing a Nursing course of CEDP Skill Institute.
By opting for in CEDP, a top Institute of Nursing in Mumbai, you can be assured of getting professional training and this widens your career scopes. If you want to know more on course content, placement assistance or anything else, feel free to get in touch with us.
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