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Diploma in Industrial Safety

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Diploma in Industrial Safety

With unexpected fires and accidents taking away thousands of lives each year around the world, it only makes sense to be trained in fire prevention. Welcome to the dedicated Certificate course in Fire Prevention, where we offer training, information, and understanding of preventing and dealing with fire-related accidents. Fire Engineering & Safety Management is one of the major growing careers and can be hugely rewarding emotionally as one takes the charge to protect and save others. The contents of this course have been planned with special attention to all possible aspects that are involved in fire accidents, with dedicated theoretical and personal training in the field.

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Core Benefits

  • Work in manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Airlines, Logistics, event / sports management.
  • You will also find great job opportunities with IT companies, consulting firms, audit agencies, international research & HSE companies.
  • If you’re skilled and experienced in safety management, you’re high in demand.




18 to 30 Years

Total Duration

1 Year

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6 Quick Facts

1. Career Prospects

With the rise of unexpected fatal accidents in the industrial field, the importance of the safety of human capital, property as well as protection of the environment is increasing. Thus, the demand of professionals with relevant skills in industry safety has gradually soared.

2. Duties and Tasks

Safety professionals are entrusted with high-value. Their core responsibility is to identification and preventions of the risks that may cause harm to environment, people and valuable assets of the organization.

3. Key Skills

The key responsibilities of a professional trained in industrial safety is to work on safety aspects of environment and health aspects of the people who are at risk of being affected by any life-threatening effects arising from the industries such as Chemical, Petrochemical, Engineering Industries etc. Thus, safety expert should be proficient in identifying potential dangers, ability to give ideas on advanced safety measures and implement them.

4. Salary Info

As the work of a safety professional is concerned with the security of people and company’s assets, it is important the one should have in depth knowledge and skills. A certified and highly experienced industrial safety professional can earn a handsome salary.

5. Employment Outlook

With the rapid technological development, various problems and issues related health, safety and environment have simultaneously increased in various industries. And these industries are hunting for some of the highly skilled and experienced professionals who are proficient in dealing with safety concerns and creating and delivering safety approaches.

6. Work Environment

The safety professionals are always worried about their co-workers/employees and property. They endeavor to increase the quality of lives of people and help them get to the end of the day safely.

CEDP’s Diploma in Industrial Safety course structure

At CEDP, we have always worked to offer advanced courses that address the needs of the society and industry, and this course will offer just that. Please note that we have updated this course for all the latest industry changes, and we have experts to offer constant support for students, even after the completion of the course. The course will also appeal to those who want to know a few ways of defending fire accidents, as well as, to those looking for more advanced courses.

Risk Management Techniques

Diploma in Industrial Safety programme at CEDP Skill Institute is designed with an aim to minimize the risks of injuries and accidents by implementing effective risk management techniques. It aims at enhancing knowledge and awareness among students related to safety measures, health and environment.

Innovative Ideas

It is important for a safety professional to come up with an idea on how to improve safety and then implement them. We help students to come up with new ways of implementing and delivering safety strategies so that people can truly benefit from them.

Safety Education

It is a job role of the safety professional to offer advice and tips to the employees about effective safety measures and structure the work environment to reduce the life-threatening dangers. For which, he has to conduct seminars on safety topics at the workplace. We at CEDP, help students to acquire these skills.