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Basics of Naturopathy-natural treatment- As a student pursuing the diploma in Naturopathy, you will be taught the nuances of the procedure. Naturopathy students are taught ways to treat ailments through natural, mostly non-invasive methods. The healing power of nature is stressed upon in the course.

Health and clinical nutrition– While studying naturopathy, you will learn the ways to use nutrient-rich foods and beverages and natural extracts to detoxify the body from within and help eliminate the roots of ailments using food.

Human anatomy– Even though naturopathy is dubbed as an alternate way to treat ailments, students of the subject definitely need to understand human anatomy and its nuances closely. So, the course content covers anatomy in detail.

Diagnosis– In Naturopathy course, you will also be taught various ways to diagnose myriads of ailments in the human body. Unless the root of an ailment is not determined, Naturopathy cannot be started on the person.

Apart from that naturopathy course also covers branches of medicine like histology, endocrinology, and immunology etc.

Duration: – One Year, Eligibility: 10TH (SSC), 12th (HSC), Graduate, Medical Graduate. Industrial Visit:- YES, Industrial Visit is done at various Naturopathy Centers across India.

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Wide range of jobs

After doing a course in Naturopathy, you can pursue jobs in various sectors. You will not necessarily be limited to only working in hospitals. Skilled naturopathy professionals find work in academic sectors too. Besides, they can find jobs in management positions in healthcare setups. It is also possible to find jobs in fitness related entities, including massages and spa service providers. Since Naturopathy covers healthy eating, you can also focus on diet-related jobs.

Work in alliance with doctor

Since Naturopathy can be applied in conjunction with traditional medications, you can find jobs in typical healthcare setups as a naturopathy expert.

Good pay scale

After completing a course in naturopathy from CEDP Skill Institute, you will be able to get jobs with the high pay scale. Nowadays, lots of people are willing to try alternative types of treatments that do not cause side effects and pain. They are willing to pay high amounts for the clinic offering naturopathy. So, the pay scale is not going to be a problem.

Job mobility

After getting certified in Naturopathy, relocation will not be a problem for you. Experts in naturopathy are in demand everywhere. So, you may plan to shift to a new city for whatever needs and find a different job in the same sector.

Work environment

As an expert in naturopathy, you will get the chance to work in sophisticated clinical setups, in a professional environment, most of the times. You may also opt for setups where handling patients are not required if you wish so.

Skill enhancement

As an expert in naturopathy, you will often work with veteran doctors, surgeons, specialists in orthopedics, neurology, etc. So, it is quite natural that you will gain a lot while working with such veteran clinical professionals, apart from what you have already learned in the course. Doing the course enables you to work in setups with such experts. This, in the long run, will help you climb up the ladders in the career.

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Why go for Naturopathy course of CEDP?

Naturopathy is among newer branches of medicine that are being embraced by doctors and patients alike worldwide. The career prospects of students pursuing this course are quite high, but it is also important that you do the course from an apt institute. CEDP Skill Institute has come up with a well-crafted course in Naturopathy after which you will get plum job offers. You can expect to get latest and relevant content in the syllabus. Intensive theory and hands-on training ensure you will be ready to get into jobs as a naturopathy practitioner after wrapping the course.
By opting for in CEDP, a top Institute of Naturopathy course in mumbai, you can be assured of getting professional training and this widens your career scopes. If you want to know more on course content, placement assistance or anything else, feel free to get in touch with us.
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