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Certificate Course in Diet & Nutrition

Course Overview

Certificate Course in ‘Diet & Nutrition’ is an interactive program designed for the people passionate to learn about healthy eating, future Dieticians & health advisors. The program aims to provide a thorough knowledge about how to incorporate wellness in one’s life. The workshop provides an in-depth knowledge and information about nutrition, meal-plan, antioxidants etc.

This program is designed for enthusiasts wanting to learn more about nutrition and healthy diet and get hands-on-experience. One can learn all about Diet & Nutrition and become personal trainers, group fitness instructors, or work as health and wellness professionals at healthcare establishments.

Eligibility – Min. SSC | Duration – 3 Months

Lecture Scheduling: Twice a week | No. of lectures: 24

Why this Certificate Course from CEDP Skill Institute?

Certificate Course in Diet & Nutrition conducted by CEDP Skill Institute includes a lesson plan, learning objectives, hands-on activities and videos. The certificate provided by CEDP Skill Institute demonstrates that you’re a qualified professional.

 What will this Certificate Course cover?

The course is designed in a manner that each participant will be able to understand the concept and importance of maintaining a healthy diet for healthy living. Whether you aspire to work for gyms or an independent diet consultant, career as a Dietician is not only well respected but also growth oriented. This certification course is planned with senior professional dieticians & health professionals and created in a simple format.

It covers wide range of topics which are as follows:

1. Create a workout routine

  • Understand importance of exercise
  • Learn many ways to keep yourself active in busy life without disturbing your busy schedule
  • Easy 10 min workouts for healthy heart, for fat burning, keeping BP normal
  • Special workouts for weight loss

2. Nutrition and healthy eating

  • Know what is for you and what is not for you
  • How nutrients help
  • Relationship between food labels and healthy eating
  • Different nutritional needs for different age group, how to eat healthy as per age

3. Strategies to stress less

  • How stress is related to diseases.
  • Importance of healthy mind
  • List of Food groups which enhance mood enhancing hormones

4. Quick, easy and healthy recipes

  • An interactive cooking session
  • Demonstration of some nutritive healthy and easy to make snacks and meal

5. Healthy snacking ideas

  • List of snacks they can select, how to increase vitamins minerals, proteins with correct snacks

6. Meal planning

  • Practical experience of planning diets as per needs
  • Calculation of calories, proteins and fats (macro Nutrients) vitamins and minerals (micro nutrients)
  • Exercise based program

7. General health and wellness

  • Your health is in your hands / what makes healthy diet
  • Very brief anatomy of digestive system, how good digestive track leads to good health
  • Introduction for lifestyle disorders
  • Food group which is good to keep gut healthy, heart healthy and good for weight watchers

Course’s Objectives

The main objective of the workshop is to help participants understand the concept of healthy living and make healthy eating as an important part of the life. The trainers will teach the basics of nutrition and diet and equip participants with comprehensive knowledge about how to maintain a healthy diet, deal with imbalances in eating habits and create an effective meal plan.


NSIC approved certificate will be awarded by CEDP Skill Institute to all the participants on the completion of the workshop.


Ms. Kanchan Patwardhan is a practicing Nutritionist at “Kanchan’s House of Nutrition”. She provides counselling and consultation services to clients on Diet, based on individual’s body type after analysing the same with equipment and pathology reports. At her clinic, clients are provided guidance to improve their health through periodic counselling sessions. She ensures that individual’s eating habits are not ignored by providing diet chart to suit one’s palate. She also formulates diets, Organize Seminars on low-calorie food, Educate on therapeutic diet for Cardiac, Renal & Diabetic patients. Ms. Kanchan Patwardhan is one of the best nutrition and dietetics qualified in the business, with five plus years of academic exposure to the subject via formal, full-time, Bachelors and Masters Degrees. She is also amongst the few nutritionists in the Indian private practice, with a Bachelor’s degree in ‘dietetics’ and Masters in ‘Food and Nutrition’ in 1996.